WordPress vs Blogspot


Writing is my new-found passion. It became my new hobby after writing some articles over my WordPress blog site account. 


But did I mention that I also have my Blogger account? This is what makes me confuse now. Which among the two is better? The former or the latter? My subconscious can’t decide.


When it comes to blogging, there two primary choices….Blogger or WordPress. It’s true that there are a handful of other blogging platforms, but these are the two most popular. Blogger allows you to create a free blog, one that is hosted on Google’s (the owner of Blogger) servers. It’s the route that many people go when they want to begin. The other option is WordPress, which comes with a free version (WordPress.com) or a paid hosting version (WordPress.org)**


Since writing is fun, writing blogs are funner XD (more fun). In doing blogs, to be able to gain more readers and visitors, one needs to design a page and add some sort of things to make it more interesting. But WordPress and Blogger offer different approaches on its designs. The simplicity in WordPress is well-defined compared to the complexity observed in Blogger. The HTML/CSS codes that need a lot of time and sweat makes me despise Blogger a bit. There are still lots of drawbacks on Blogger, honestly.

There were even moments that my confusion between the two reached its heights that I made my posts available on the two sites. Hassle, yes. But I don’t have the choice. It took me a while to evaluate my decision. 

But in the end, I chose WordPress. Although there are lots of cons, simplicity has always been my métier.



Something changed in WMSU, at least.

“School is fun”, they said.

“Not until you see the line during enrollment”.


Education is definitely one of the basic need of the Filipino people. You cannot get your job, unless you study. You won’t be  able to get what you want until you go to school. In fact, it is a must for job employers to require from job seekers  a degree, at least in college to get a job position.

In figures, 23,864,801 of Filipino children are enrolled in the school year 2012-2013: 2,213,973  of these are from kindergarten and 14,523,353 from primary school, while 7,127,475 are from high schools or secondary schools. With these numbers, large numbers, we are not yet sure onto how will our tertiary schools be able to accomodate large numbers of incoming freshmen and old students.

One of the leading institutions in the southern Philippines is WMSU or Western Mindanao State University,  a premier and only state university in Zamboanga City. It is said to be one of if not, the oldest university in Mindanao. In fact, it is one of the most recognized public university in the city.

The notion when it comes to  public school universities, is that a lot of fall backs are found in its system. And one of these is the enrollment process. Over the years, WMSU is consistent to having hundreds of thousands of students coming from different parts of the region and of the country. It boasts of its academe performance as well as its curricular offerings advanced from other institutions. With a number of aspired students,  it is not surprising to have a heck of a system during admission and enrollment days.

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End of Hiatus. Pasukan na!

“Tapos na ang bakasyon!”
tanggapin mo na ang katotohanan. Tapos narin ang maliligayang araw mo. Umpisa na naman nang kalbaryo na kailangan mong patunguhan. Umpisa na naman ng maagang tulog at maagang gising routine mo. Wala kang choice.

Bilang unang Filipino/Tagalog post ko dito sa WordPress ay mas mainam na makapagsulat ako ng isang artikulong makapagbibigay  kaalaman sa mga mag-aaral. Kaya heto! Basahin nyo 🙂  Continue reading


Same gene causes albinism in dogs and humans Same gene causes albinism in dogs and humans

Detroit, Michigan (The Adobo Chronicles) – Ever wondered why some humans act like dogs? The answer seems to be in the genes.

A new study finds that certain dogs, just like certain humans, carry a gene mutation that causes albinism — a condition that results in little or no pigment in the eyes, skin and hair.

The study by researchers at Michigan State University identifies the exact genetic mutation that leads to albinism in Doberman pinschers, a discovery that has eluded veterinarians and dog breeders until now. Interestingly, the same mutated gene that causes albinism in this dog breed is also associated with a form of albinism in humans.

While the study was limited to the ‘albino gene,’ many behavioral scientists were quick to conclude that dogs are not only humans’ best friend; humans and dogs share a generic makeup that explain…

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“Boom Panes!”: Filipino’s Uniqueness Over Colloquialism

It is undeniable that Filipino, as a language is dynamic. It constantly evolves with respect to generations as influenced by different factors such as media and the Internet. For a country with 11 recognized languages and over 175 dialects spoken through its 7, 107 islands, a unique form of communication has been a part of the Philippines’ culture. Colloquial words such as lingos and balbal (street words) are already out. This new generation of words such as “Boom Panes!” constantly proves a shift over time.

From repapips, chiks,nosibalasi, and jeproks of the ‘70s, parekoysbagets, epal, and astig in the ‘80s and ‘90s to today’s gorabels, O.M.G., push mo yan!, waley/havey, ansabe it is obvious that the Filipino slang has been constantly evolving; adding fun, wit, and color to plain and formal conversations. Image

The dynamic Filipino slang allows a more freedom of expression among its users and speakers. One need not to follow a set of standardized rules, since celebrity names, Tag-lish (tagalog-English), and invented words can be utilized to create a brand new, creative word which will add an impact to a conversation. Continue reading

“No Te Vayas de Zamboanga!” (A ridiculed campaign)

I was accompanying my classmate in photocopying a requirement when I noticed something different from our University over-pass. I was surprised when I saw that there was a banner/tarpaulin with a large print that says “No Te Vayas de Zamboanga (Don’t Leave Zamboanga)” and on the bottom part of the quote was the 1st District Congressman-Representative Former-Mayor Celso Lobregat’s signature.

I don’t know what to react. I just smiled and said “Oh, there’s a new banner”. I don’t even know if what is the purpose of  that “ad”.

The next day, I have seen tricycles and near-by school gates with the same hanged posters. I realized that the tarp actually is a campaign of the said ex-mayor. With its red background and simple quotation, basically it says something. A reminder perhaps.


Reduced size of the tarpaulin hanged on a tricycle. Photo source: Facebook

In lieu of the siege that happened in the City of Zamboanga last September 2013, the place bagged as Asia’s Latin City, Continue reading

A Birdwatcher’s experience

The following article came from Ate Maia of Wild Bird Club of the Philippines after the successful 9th Philippine Bird’s Festival held on Zamboanga City last March 1, 2014. I chose to include this on my blog since our pictures were featured on the bottom-most part of her Blogspot article entitled: “Daydreaming about Zamboanga”.

Wedensday, March 12, 2014

It has been 10 days since I came home from the 9th Philippine Bird Festival in Zamboanga City and I still daydream about the many fun moments we had there.

The annual event spearheaded by the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines and in partnership with the Department of Tourism Region IX, and the Zamboanga City local government was held last February 28 to March 1 at the Paseo del Mar. Continue reading

“Why not write? : A reflection on Selfie-Syndrome issue”


My name is John. A typical name. Well, recently, I have been an Internet addict. I almost always spend my time the whole day, for a week on the Internet doing nothing but Facebook, Twitter, and the other social networking sites that you can think. At first it was fun. Having lots of friends, making random statuses, seeing vine videos and old pictures of your old classmates which will make you reminisce the old times. But time passed by, and things definitely changed. Like most regular teenagers, we did some things that we thought are needs. We do some acts that we think are fit.

Until “selfie” and over-posts of statuses came in. I have gained more likes from the things I say and announce to the world. At first it was indeed awesome! They kept on liking your posts, making comments, sharing your interesting thoughts. But, the tables have turned and It feels different. The old hobby have become my addiction.  Continue reading