“Ji-Em” (GM/Group Message)


Whether we like it or not, “Text message-ing” is already a part of one’s culture. It became a major way of life specially among Filipinos, who are by nature, text lovers and express their emotion in any time of the day. It is even undeniable that the Philippines is Still the Undisputed Text Capital of the World” as survey claims.  Quoted from a source:

In 2003, the average Filipino mobile subscriber sent an average of 195 text messages per month (about 7 messages a day). By comparison, that same year the average user in the USA sent 13 a month.

In 2005, Filipinos sent on average 250 million text messages a day – 33 million subscribers

In 2006, Filipinos sent 350 to 400 million texts messages a day – 35 millions users.

In 2007, Filipinos sent a staggering 1.39 billion text messages – roughly 50 million users.

In 2009, the trend continues but there are now about 73 million subscribers.

With a recent US study revealing that the average Filipino cellphone user sends an average of 600 text messages per month (or 43% more than their counterparts in the United States).

2010 data is still not out, but there shouldn’t be any reason why it wouldn’t be mind-boggling.*

No wonder that the future generation will never be familiar with the words “snail mail”, “post office”, nor be acquainted with the term “letter envelop” once they see one.

Interestingly, art still exists even at its irony when it comes to text message-ing. In the past, it was just known to be as a “Send-to-many” text message, but now, it is popularly called “GM” or Group Message. Funny how people, specially the younger ones make shorter names out of the longer one.

Just by typing a two-word “Good Morning”, one can actually send this to all his contacts regardless of the amount/cost of load (assuming that you are “unli” [unlimited promo load]). Imagine how time-sufficient would that be? Even a 3-word “I LOVE YOU” can save a playboy (slash) a two-timer boyfriend’s (or girlfriend) time from sending it one by one to his/her “text mates”. Only proves how effective this “GM” is… in case that you are too lazy.

But in spite all the “advantages” of using time-saving “GMs” it is undeniable that many of us find it a hard time to deal with other people’s message specially those that contain “alien” or “superficial/abstract” inscriptions. These are  so-called “Jeje-texts”. According to Simple English Wikipedia, “Jejemons” are a “type of person in the Philippines who makes the English language hard to read.” In fact the Philippine Daily Inquirer called them ‘different but happy’ because of their language and clothes. If most people find it hard to write longer text message and uses few words to express themselves, well ibahin mo sila [exclude them]. They don’t want this so they use longer words such as “EeOooW” rather than “Hello”.

Jeje Cap

Jeje Cap

Though this entertain people, it has recently been ridiculed by many because of its lack of decency and obstructing the Filipino way of writing (Grammar). Sometimes haters go below the belt, since they incorporate being “jejemon” into being poor or low-class people. It may be true that it is a major no-no for the objective of promoting proper knowledge and good nationalism, but culture is culture and respect is always deserved by anyone.


Imagine a world where people keep on sending GMs 24/7. What would you feel if you are the receiver of these text messages coming from the same person every minute:

1. Hi! We have a meeting tomorrow at 9am at <location>.

2. Nyt2 everyone! I’ll sleep na

3. Still up? text text naman tayo

4. Pedro:Oo nga e.
Juan:Nakita ko honey mo kanina may kasamang iba.
Maria:Tapos ka na sa assignment?
The rest:goodnight

5. Kung sino mang naninira sa akin pwede tigilan mo na ko?!!! Gusto mo ba ng away???!!!!!!!!! Alam ko ikaw yan **

I’ll be glad to hear your comments about this 🙂

*http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jejemon ** http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=406121



One thought on ““Ji-Em” (GM/Group Message)

  1. I cracked at the examples. Hahah so high school life.
    The so-called Jejemons these days I think they’ll too outgrow it in time. Kumbaga, stages-stages lang yan. Let them be, one should experience being “baduy” to know the quality of life. 😀


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