“Why not write? : A reflection on Selfie-Syndrome issue”


My name is John. A typical name. Well, recently, I have been an Internet addict. I almost always spend my time the whole day, for a week on the Internet doing nothing but Facebook, Twitter, and the other social networking sites that you can think. At first it was fun. Having lots of friends, making random statuses, seeing vine videos and old pictures of your old classmates which will make you reminisce the old times. But time passed by, and things definitely changed. Like most regular teenagers, we did some things that we thought are needs. We do some acts that we think are fit.

Until “selfie” and over-posts of statuses came in. I have gained more likes from the things I say and announce to the world. At first it was indeed awesome! They kept on liking your posts, making comments, sharing your interesting thoughts. But, the tables have turned and It feels different. The old hobby have become my addiction. 

Until  I came accross with an article entitled: “Selfie-Syndrome and Narcissism“, similar words which talks about the phenomenon of gaining attention from the social media. I read the article and was a bit surprised to the things I found out. There have been opinions coming from several experts claiming that it is an advantage. Though some still say that it is a no-no.

With this reflection, I thought: Am I an addict? Do I crave for likes? Do I have those signs as mentioned that indeed I am Narcissistic? with that note, I immediately limited my Facebook activities.

There have been several attempts of Facebook (for example) deactivation. But this one has been different. I did this because, from that article, I came across with a comment coming from a random reader that said: Find a Hobby!.

Then it suddenly struck-ed me. I asked myself, “What happened?”, of why I became like this? So I came up with a solution. “WHY NOT WRITE?”



3 thoughts on ““Why not write? : A reflection on Selfie-Syndrome issue”

  1. Through writing/blogging you indeed share your views and spread your ideas that could affect readers positively or negatively or both or mixed (you write to express not to impress anyway) and I think that’s more deserving of numbers of likes and pouring comments! It boosts not just your confidence and/or your mental and emotional state but ours as well. 😀


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