Something changed in WMSU, at least.

“School is fun”, they said.

“Not until you see the line during enrollment”.


Education is definitely one of the basic need of the Filipino people. You cannot get your job, unless you study. You won’t be  able to get what you want until you go to school. In fact, it is a must for job employers to require from job seekers  a degree, at least in college to get a job position.

In figures, 23,864,801 of Filipino children are enrolled in the school year 2012-2013: 2,213,973  of these are from kindergarten and 14,523,353 from primary school, while 7,127,475 are from high schools or secondary schools. With these numbers, large numbers, we are not yet sure onto how will our tertiary schools be able to accomodate large numbers of incoming freshmen and old students.

One of the leading institutions in the southern Philippines is WMSU or Western Mindanao State University,  a premier and only state university in Zamboanga City. It is said to be one of if not, the oldest university in Mindanao. In fact, it is one of the most recognized public university in the city.

The notion when it comes to  public school universities, is that a lot of fall backs are found in its system. And one of these is the enrollment process. Over the years, WMSU is consistent to having hundreds of thousands of students coming from different parts of the region and of the country. It boasts of its academe performance as well as its curricular offerings advanced from other institutions. With a number of aspired students,  it is not surprising to have a heck of a system during admission and enrollment days.


Photo from:

10 meters or so lines which takes someone to have his turn for one or half an hour, warm ambiance during cashier period, hectic assessment and encoding, and hassle enlistment just to get your COR or Certificate of Registration; these are just some of the few hurdles that one need to endure during the course of enrollment. Despite the hunger, anger from those who break the rule of “wait for your turn”, and lack of consistency in the computers used, WMSU proudly introduces the new system of enrollment



Photo Source: Facebook (Jeanne Tuanda) Le’ Me with watch. Writing my schedule on a Red Form. Process before Encoding.


Photo Source: Facebook (Jeanne Tuanda) Le’ Schedule for Third Yr. SY 2014-2015 1st sem

Although the Encoding, Assessment, Enlistment are still there, lucky freshmen will be able to taste the heaven scent of having these turning points in their own college. For example, CSM or the College of Science and Mathematics  (which I belong to), have its own system of enrollment in the conference hall.



Photo source: Facebook (Ayeh Yusop)

Surely, everyone in the university wanted something new to the university and its system. All of the staff, including the students take their part on every actions needed to make WMSU a better place to study in.

 © May 2014


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