WordPress vs Blogspot


Writing is my new-found passion. It became my new hobby after writing some articles over my WordPress blog site account. 


But did I mention that I also have my Blogger account? This is what makes me confuse now. Which among the two is better? The former or the latter? My subconscious can’t decide.


When it comes to blogging, there two primary choices….Blogger or WordPress. It’s true that there are a handful of other blogging platforms, but these are the two most popular. Blogger allows you to create a free blog, one that is hosted on Google’s (the owner of Blogger) servers. It’s the route that many people go when they want to begin. The other option is WordPress, which comes with a free version (WordPress.com) or a paid hosting version (WordPress.org)**


Since writing is fun, writing blogs are funner XD (more fun). In doing blogs, to be able to gain more readers and visitors, one needs to design a page and add some sort of things to make it more interesting. But WordPress and Blogger offer different approaches on its designs. The simplicity in WordPress is well-defined compared to the complexity observed in Blogger. The HTML/CSS codes that need a lot of time and sweat makes me despise Blogger a bit. There are still lots of drawbacks on Blogger, honestly.

There were even moments that my confusion between the two reached its heights that I made my posts available on the two sites. Hassle, yes. But I don’t have the choice. It took me a while to evaluate my decision. 

But in the end, I chose WordPress. Although there are lots of cons, simplicity has always been my métier.



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