There are two kinds of people in the world

 Remember one thing,son. There are only two kinds of people in this world. Good people who do good deeds. And bad people who do bad. That’s the only difference in human beings. There’s no other difference. Understood? What did you understand? Tell me. Tell me.


The above-quoted lines were gotten from a well-known bollywood movie starring Sharukh Khan entitled: My Name is Khan. It followed a story of a man who has an Asperger’s Syndrome who’s about to change people’s perspective on Muslims. Setting aside the religious issue, it tells how one man can prove his love for his family in spite of his condition. 

I did not came here to write reviews or  critics about the movie. The proposition stated is that there are two kinds of people: The Good ones and the Bad ones. This phrase has been over-used in the web world. Go and search over Google and see how this line vary from one statement to the other. Some were even captioned in a meme.

But the point is, in this world of diversity and variety, there really is difference between the species. Biblically, the story of Cain and Abel proves this utterance. We, as people tend to believe that good and bad do exist; that angels and devils do as well, that heaven and hell is real.

I’ve been in the interlude part of my vacation and was watching Smallville. It is a TV adaptation of the story of Superman, which follows a different type of Clark Kent. On the Season 1 Episode 12 entitled Leech, the story tells of how the  antagonist Eric Summers was able to get (or grab) Clark’s super powers after an exposure to Lightning plus the meteorite fragment on a piece of stone. Clark became weak, like a normal guy he wished and prayed he was, and the other turned out to be the man with unnatural powers.

After finding out his abilities, Summers became different. At first, he was the hero, but turned out to be the villain. His family and friends treated him as a freak believing that his abilities were not “normal”. On the other hand, Kent was really happy and enjoying his state of being a normal guy. The meteorite fragment which was turned into a necklace on his crush Lana, does not anymore affect him. He can play basketball, which he did not do since he (and his father) was afraid of hurting somebody, or people might discover his abilities.

While Clark was enjoying the new image, Eric suffers from a catastrophe of being disliked not only by his schoolmates but as well as his own family. In the end, Clark was able to regain his powers by bringing the necklace (that Lana owns) with him and trying to protect Eric from planning something bad. With the help of the voltage coming from a nearby transmission, Clark was able to get back his powers giving Eric’s his, at the same time.


This phenomenon as exemplified by the episode proves that there is a Good person and a Bad person. Good who will do Good, EVEN though he was provided with powers, and Bad who will do bad IF he was given the power. The major turning point to this is the way one sees with himself. Mind over matter adds to the proposition that God created us equal. But with the idea of self-interest (the matter), the mind alters to something detrimental.

As a person, student and a practicing biologist, I believe that people are like Science. Science can be good or bad, this is not undeniable Science is like a knife. If you give that knife to someone who is Good, he can use it for good purpose: cooking, slicing food, chopping meat, and everything. But if you give that knife to someone who is Bad, he might use it the other way around: Killing, damaging other people’s lives, Hold-ups, Kidnaps, etc. Its only a matter of choice that lies here.


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