Johnnny turns 19: Motivation (Day 5)

Day 5. 

What is motivation?

For me, THIS is motivation.

It takes a lot of effort for an aspiring and a practicing writer to write an article, a journal, or even a story. A writer may not be able to always give the best shot and produce a masterpiece, but he will always try to make his work a better one. It may take time. Yes. Hurdles and challenges may come along the way. Like there might be other things that he wants to write. There might be other interest that pops out in his mind. There might be other random thoughts that will make him forget about the promised consistency of writing his daily article (like this one). But the motivation that he has on his mind will allow him to stick on doing that same task: Writing about that article.

On this day, June 5, 2014. I promise to myself to always be motivated in writing. Many writers are blinded by the thoughts of gaining more notes for their blogs, but they are not true writers. They write for fame, for something in return. I promise to myself to never be like that.


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