It’s Beginning of the End

Separation sucks.



Unbelievable. This is crazy. How come four years felt so fast? Now, only 8 months left until we have to part ways. From 28, we are now down to 14. It’s really sad that some people had to go but its just the way it was needed to be. At least now, I feel like everyone’s happy wherever they are now.

And now, the beginning of the end. It’s kind of scary yet at the same time fulfilling. We had our worst times together, breakups, misunderstandings, but I am glad we made it through cause it is the only way. I do not regret taking this course, even if I was and still are subjected to late night paper works, what make this experience worthwhile are the friends that I made, my mistakes, and the memories shared, the good as well as the bad ones.

To Yanyan, Mori, Jerica, Marcus…

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One thought on “It’s Beginning of the End

  1. Parang medyo konti parang dikit dito ang latest post ko sa kwentotpaniniwalanihitokirihoshi. Ganyan din kasi naramdaman ko nung nagtapos ako then nag-roller coaster at umiiktad pa. don’t ever erase this post, somehow it can persuade you to become stronger and dreamer when you are down.

    Good thing you have wonderful memories with your friends and classmates, yun naman ang masaya talaga sa pag-aaral. keep it up!

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