The Representative meets the President

July 15, 2014. I was just there sitting with my classmate. It was a dry Tuesday afternoon since the university had its Loyalty day in the morning and student hour in the afternoon. Seated there with our empty stomachs (since we are fasting) in that very moment was hard.

And getting out of the CSB office was the University Student Council President Kuya Aldrin Abdurahim. He was with some other guy talking about something. As expected, I thought he was just gonna raise an eyebrow or wave a hand as a greeting. But nah.

The good guy came to me. Raised and held my hand and did a muslim-handshake, and said “Hi John. Musta”. He seated beside me which of course was not expected.

His other volunteers were also seated on the bench. But soon, they all went to the office, leaving kuya and me there. I expected him to just say “hi” and all. But he stayed there for almost an hour.

We talked several things like my transfer from Ateneo to WMSU, PAZ Days, SACSI memories, and of course the incoming election. I also discussed and inquired with him things and issues I have read on the Facebook of other parties (opponents). Listening to his fair answers, arguments, and ideas make me think of how good this man is. How he deserves to be re-elected as WMSU-USC’s President.


John Ahmad.



Kuya Aldrin Abdurahim (left) and I under #JuanWMSU Party.


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