Today, I remind myself that it’s ok to not be perfect


I failed. Of the four years in college, this was the only time that I almost failed all my midterms exam. I lost all my focus on academics. Blame it to the extra-curricular activities I was into.

My friends were right. All those shenanigans brought me to disaster.

But upon reflecting, and asking same questions twice, I realized that I haven’t seen the beauty and the fun part of this tragedy. Although I am not already the consistent John that everyone knew inside the classroom, yet I have proven that I am the John that has the potential to be  a leader. And for that, I should not be depressed nor be sad.

Thank Heavens to all those friends that enlightened me on the way. They told me to take the second chance and do my best. This time I will learn to say “No” and return the focus. I reminded myself that returning doesn’t mean leaving the responsibility behind. It will be like hitting two birds with one stone. 

Today I reminded myself that it’s okay to not be perfect. Because perfection is boring.


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