Thoughts about Fort Pilar renovation


Everyone is on a rage-shock against the renovation of the Fort. Everyone is surprised to see how awful the well-known Zamboanga heritage has become after the National Museum proposed to do a make-over of what is known as an old structure made by the Jesuits in the past, as history may recall it.


I myself have witnessed how a big change was made on these proud structures. From the brick-walled architecture to a white-fine surface, surely Fort Pilar in Zamboanga City was transformed to what we call as an “awful transformation”. This sad incident was personally witnessed by yours truly. Last week, I and a special friend went to visit the old fort to do photo shoots. The moment I entered, I have seen how a big change was made. Gone are the ruins of the old war that happened in the city. Gone are the Hispanic architectures. What remained was a modern style of a museum. The worst, as I can call it.


I am speaking on behalf of the Filipino and Zamboanguenos. Change may seem inevitable. But trust me when I say not all change is good. Not all change serves good. In behalf of the students and bloggers, I am calling an appeal from the National Museum of the Philippines of what they did to our local national museum. This is something that we should take consideration into.



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