— 21 Things You Need to Know before Turning 21

(c) Tumblr

1. People are rude. People are stupid. People are weak. People are cruel. People are good. No matter what kind of person you meet all throughout the ride, they will have some impact in you. You will need them, eventually.

2. You DO NOT have to please everybody. You DO NOT have to look good as always in the eyes of the people around you. It’s okay to show your bad side once in a while. You are just a human being— an imperfect one. So stop acting as if you are. Mistakes are always allowed.

3. Some people just drift apart for no actual reason. Don’t chase for them. It’s not your lost anyway. Let them chase for you. Let them miss you and your presence.

4. True friends are hard to find. You don’t have to have tons of them. Few are enough; more than enough actually. Once you’ve found them, value them— a lot for you will never ever find someone like them. Someone who won’t even care if you look horrible at parties or someone who will never get tired of listening to your endless stories.

5. Trusting people is a hard task but sometimes, it’s worth the risk. Just make sure that you
will allow others to have your trust if they deserve it well. Being betrayed is truly devastating.

6. Learn how to listen and not just to talk and talk and talk. People need absorber. Someone who will listen to their rantings with so much understanding and not prejudices. But remember that you have to have a boundary for the toll not to take on you.

7. Study hard if you have the opportunity. There are tons of human beings out there who long to be on your position, thus that makes you so much blessed. But don’t just dwell in studies.
Learn how to have fun at times. At least, aim to graduate and have a degree. It may not be a guarantee for you to have a job but it is one of your edges among others.

8. As early as now, figure out what you truly want in your damn life. If you want to be a doctor, a lawyer, a priest, a writer etc, make moves to be there. Your dreams take time so you better start executing steps to be there.

9. Humanity is still evident no matter how cruel this world is. You can witness is by merely observing around. Don’t lose hope towards it.

10. Always make time for your self. Be drowned in your own thoughts once in a while. Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. Most of the times, true happiness can be found when you are in solitude. And mind you, happiness comes from within.

11. Don’t live a life according to other peoples’ standards. Make a life of your own. Don’t mind them because whether you are living a good or a bad life, criticisms are everywhere.

12. Love is a beautiful thing. As well as life. Love doesn’t always mean lovers or couples. Love can actually mean family, friendship, pets, God and happiness. You do not have to fall in love hard to a person for you to have a beautiful feeling throbbing in your chest.

13. Time is powerful thing. Time controls everything but nothing can control it. Value your time. It may sound repetitious but you cannot bring it back once it’s gone.

14. Sow good seeds into others and you will reap better when time comes.

15. There are people who will keep on pulling you down; whether they are insecure or not. Allow annoyanceto be felt. Allow anger to flare up but don’t let that lose the light in you to be there. Prove them that they are not your level for you are so much better.

16. Once in a while you must have to face your fear. Do the things you truly awed since conquering them can bring a new sense of pride in you.

17. Forgive those people who hurt you; who cut you up to the core. God forgives so are you. And don’t you think that forgiveness is one of the best gifts you can give to someone? If you forgive and let go, surely, you will be shrouded with the same happiness as the person you forgave.

18. Some people will abuse you and your kindness. Watch for them. Show your kindness and concern for others but not to the extent that you are already letting them to be abusive. That’s no longer kindness— it’s called foolishness.

19. Be ready for changes since they are permanent. No matter what you do, you cannot control them. Thus, problems and challenges will absolutely come along the way. Just be strong. Don’t forget to pray. Don’t forget about your family and friends. Like storms, they will pass. Like trees, you will be sturdier.

20. It is alright to ask questions for that is a sign that you are willing to learn or want to know something but make sure that your inquires aren’t offensive to other parties.

21. Be mindful of others’ body languages, expressions, words and stories for not all you see or hear are true. Some of them were covered with lies, masked with sugar just for their reputation to be saved or restored. And choose people whom you will confide with your secrets and intentions. Pick carefully the people you look
upon to.


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