How to get away with Mondays

There are these things in life that you seriously can’t deny hating it.

Maybe, one of the worst challenges of being a student is not the school works and related stuff. One of the hurdles that each of us need to surpass is waking up early. Well, the worst is waking up early in a Monday morning.

There is this one joke circulating around the web: “if only Monday can talk, it will surely say, ‘What did I do to you to deserve this? Why do you hate me so much?'”. Well, it’s true. Admit it or deny it, we just so hate Mondays. Not to mention that it is the first day of the week, but it is also the day when a need to change one’s body clock and set priorities straight up are both needed. Unfortunately, there are these things we usually hate doing in Monday mornings. Somehow, these things leave us having a bad impression towards others. Here are some ways on ‘How to get away with (my) Mondays‘:

1. Do not wake me up by knocking at my door angrily. I end up being angry too.
2. Deal with it. Whether I slept early or late last night, I still need more sleep in the morning.
3. Do not ask me to do these and that, I do it willingly without someone mandating me.
4. Do not ask me questions that are obvious. Trust me, I WILL NEVER ANSWER YOU BACK.
5. Whether you like it or not, I will end up late in school.

These are some of the things you needed to do to conform with my Monday attitude. Trust me when I say Mondays for me will always be an annoying day. I never am a morning person, so if you want to know me more, then mess up with my routine and you’ll end up with an ‘attitude’. Deal with it.


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