The Calling

Did you ever feel like you wanted something in your life yet it seems as if you were left hanging for a minute thinking about the what ifs of it?

April of 2016 marked one of the most momentous event of my life. I finally commenced my college life fortunately with flying colors. BS Biology was a dream back then, but it turned out as a nightmare as well. Our class was so uncertain about our fate whether we could graduate on time or not. But it happened.

May 2016 came and I was really not sure what to do with my life. The degree I already have seems to have been closed by a lot of doors since the only path that we could take are medical career (which requires another schooling), teaching, or research. I was doomed back then. Due to my mom’s appeal, I was forced to find a job which is of course related to what I have finished. I applied in some government agencies (e.g. DENR, DA, DOST, etc.) but no one called me for a follow-up. I even attended series of job fairs just for sure that by the end of the month, I will finally have a work. But still, nothing.

My plan was to work for a short time and then proceed to med school. Ever since I was a child, I sort of imagined myself wearing a white coat and treating my patients diseases. I wouldn’t lie that I was also blinded by the earnings that a doctor has just for an hour of consultation. But more than that, there is really a passion that drives me to proceed to medical school.

It was on the late May 2016. when I decided to apply to Ateneo de Zamboanga University School of Medicine. Truth be told, I was really hesitant because financially, we aren’t stable. The only hope I cling unto is the scholarship that ADZU-SOM is offering. Currently I am applying for it and I’m hoping that I will be qualified. I am now in the first year of Medicine. The challenge is really tough. Though we are still on the easy round of the game, I myself don’t want to take it for granted. I browse the web for some articles and do advance readings. I developed that attitude when I was in college back then.

May the odds be ever in my favor. I hope that someday I will be able to finish this graduate course I decided to undertake. There will be lots of hurdles, I know. I am expecting of it. But rest assured that if ever that comes, God (Allah SWT) will be on my back and my family will stay by my side helping me stand up.

This is my calling. I hope I can make it.


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