How To Make Your Med School Life Better



Well, surprise, surprise! A how-to-med-school guide from a med student!

Practically in all the online articles and blogposts I’ve read describing life in Medicine, authors never fail to mention some of these things about med schooling: that it’s no walk in the park, that you will soon have an existential crisis and question why you wanted this in the first place, and that, more often than not, you will feel alone and miserable as you witness your former colleagues and non-med friends step up in life with their overseas travels, new cars, houses, spouse and kids…while you’re just here sitting in front of your desk, laboring the days and nights away poring over Robbins and Harrison to memorize disease names you can’t even spell, wondering if getting that MD title after your name is ever going to be worth all the sacrifices you’re making.

While all those said articles could go on…

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A Med Student’s Apology

Toughen up and continue moving forward. #MedLifeItIs


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Being a med student is both a mental and emotional upheaval. It is a long, painful process that hopes to create an end-product that can withstand any harsh environment it is thrown into.

To describe it as “hard” might just be the greatest understatement of all.

And for that, we, medical students, apologize to you.

We apologize for the random angry outbursts and the constant irate and disinterested mood. We only had a total of 4 hours of sleep in the last three days combined and work just keeps on coming in like an avalanche bound to trample and suffocate us.

We apologize for the seen-zoned messages, unreturned calls and ignored invitations. It’s just that we had a very long and tiring week and we wanted to spend what’s left of our measly weekend off catching up on sleep and personal care, all without having to sound like a broken record…

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