“How are you?”

I asked myself waringly as I peep thru the small slit of my eyes. I have been longing to own new pair of glasses since I broke mine 3 years ago. Yes  3 years. And it’s been that long since I caught myself actively writing blogs and stuff around the internet. It has been 3 years since I thought of making a blog and writing things that randomly pops in my head. It has been 3 years since I got to ask myself, “How are you?”

You see, the funny thing about talking to and asking yourself this question is that you yourself will get to hold of the things that happened in your life. Whether be it on school, work, lovelife, etc., admit it that we sort of forgot to update and talk to ourselves.

Scientist and psychologists say that asking yourself once in a while this weird question can somewhat make you feel easy. We go back. We try to recall. We glimpse the past. We hold back and say “Damn. All this time, i have been this way.” And right up there, we can change things that needs to be changed. We can figure things that have left years unfigured. We remember people that we have taken for granted. We remember events that we have left untouched at the back of our minds. Develop that attitude. It helps.



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