Le’ Blogger.

Pescao Seco

Pescao Seco

“Pescao Seco”, “daing”, stockfish or salted fish in the common language, is a typical food among Asians including filipinos. The way it was prepared, to the way it is being served among the filipino dining tables, generally define this blog: SIMPLE.

The Blog 

Simplicity is at its best. Because this blog is nothing but perspectives. It gives and shares some issues; social or anything under the sun, which might interest typical bloggers and students like me 🙂

The blog was made to express blogger’s feelings, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, criticisms, review, etc.  Any reactions on the reader’s part are welcomed in the comment and ask section.

 The Blogger

Le’ Blogger basically loves to write. Expressing his emotion and thoughts are his fortes. Le Blogger is a Bachelor of Science in Biology student in Western Mindanao State University, Zamboanga City who wants to be a Medical Doctor someday. Le’ Blogger is a proud Zamboangueno. Some posts here are issues related to the city and the country.







5 thoughts on “Le’ Blogger.

  1. Nagutom ako dun sa daing, omg. Haha. Hello, thanks for following 🙂 you’ve got a pretty cool thing going on here!


  2. Hi! Just wanna say thank you for following my blog..
    ..sakto daing pa lang ulam namin kahapon. haha. keep blogging!! 🙂


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