“Boom Panes!”: Filipino’s Uniqueness Over Colloquialism

It is undeniable that Filipino, as a language is dynamic. It constantly evolves with respect to generations as influenced by different factors such as media and the Internet. For a country with 11 recognized languages and over 175 dialects spoken through its 7, 107 islands, a unique form of communication has been a part of the Philippines’ culture. Colloquial words such as lingos and balbal (street words) are already out. This new generation of words such as “Boom Panes!” constantly proves a shift over time.

From repapips, chiks,nosibalasi, and jeproks of the ‘70s, parekoysbagets, epal, and astig in the ‘80s and ‘90s to today’s gorabels, O.M.G., push mo yan!, waley/havey, ansabe it is obvious that the Filipino slang has been constantly evolving; adding fun, wit, and color to plain and formal conversations. Image

The dynamic Filipino slang allows a more freedom of expression among its users and speakers. One need not to follow a set of standardized rules, since celebrity names, Tag-lish (tagalog-English), and invented words can be utilized to create a brand new, creative word which will add an impact to a conversation. Continue reading


“No Te Vayas de Zamboanga!” (A ridiculed campaign)

I was accompanying my classmate in photocopying a requirement when I noticed something different from our University over-pass. I was surprised when I saw that there was a banner/tarpaulin with a large print that says “No Te Vayas de Zamboanga (Don’t Leave Zamboanga)” and on the bottom part of the quote was the 1st District Congressman-Representative Former-Mayor Celso Lobregat’s signature.

I don’t know what to react. I just smiled and said “Oh, there’s a new banner”. I don’t even know if what is the purpose of  that “ad”.

The next day, I have seen tricycles and near-by school gates with the same hanged posters. I realized that the tarp actually is a campaign of the said ex-mayor. With its red background and simple quotation, basically it says something. A reminder perhaps.


Reduced size of the tarpaulin hanged on a tricycle. Photo source: Facebook

In lieu of the siege that happened in the City of Zamboanga last September 2013, the place bagged as Asia’s Latin City, Continue reading

“Why not write? : A reflection on Selfie-Syndrome issue”


My name is John. A typical name. Well, recently, I have been an Internet addict. I almost always spend my time the whole day, for a week on the Internet doing nothing but Facebook, Twitter, and the other social networking sites that you can think. At first it was fun. Having lots of friends, making random statuses, seeing vine videos and old pictures of your old classmates which will make you reminisce the old times. But time passed by, and things definitely changed. Like most regular teenagers, we did some things that we thought are needs. We do some acts that we think are fit.

Until “selfie” and over-posts of statuses came in. I have gained more likes from the things I say and announce to the world. At first it was indeed awesome! They kept on liking your posts, making comments, sharing your interesting thoughts. But, the tables have turned and It feels different. The old hobby have become my addiction.  Continue reading

“Ji-Em” (GM/Group Message)


Whether we like it or not, “Text message-ing” is already a part of one’s culture. It became a major way of life specially among Filipinos, who are by nature, text lovers and express their emotion in any time of the day. It is even undeniable that the Philippines is Still the Undisputed Text Capital of the World” as survey claims. Continue reading