Thoughts about Fort Pilar renovation


Everyone is on a rage-shock against the renovation of the Fort. Everyone is surprised to see how awful the well-known Zamboanga heritage has become after the National Museum proposed to do a make-over of what is known as an old structure made by the Jesuits in the past, as history may recall it.


I myself have witnessed how a big change was made on these proud structures. From the brick-walled architecture to a white-fine surface, surely Fort Pilar in Zamboanga City was transformed to what we call as an “awful transformation”. This sad incident was personally witnessed by yours truly. Last week, I and a special friend went to visit the old fort to do photo shoots. The moment I entered, I have seen how a big change was made. Gone are the ruins of the old war that happened in the city. Gone are the Hispanic architectures. What remained was a modern style of a museum. The worst, as I can call it.


I am speaking on behalf of the Filipino and Zamboanguenos. Change may seem inevitable. But trust me when I say not all change is good. Not all change serves good. In behalf of the students and bloggers, I am calling an appeal from the National Museum of the Philippines of what they did to our local national museum. This is something that we should take consideration into.



College Throwback: July 07, 2011


263999_248598015166722_5452335_n “Between laughing for no reason, stupid jokes, long talks, and making fun of each other, I’ve fallen in love with them :))♥”

Only one week left before the semester ends. Six months left before we say goodbye. So, as a tribute to my awesome years in college,  I’m gonna post memorable pictures from “SEE ME DAYS” to “CASE PAPER PROBLEM DAYS” to “KAMUSTA NA THESIS DAYS” everyday. 

As a jump start, here is a memorable picture from our very first outing together, Combuild 2011. The new comers, the ones who always need to go first. 

First years, upo kayo sa harap.

First years mauna sa food

First years blah blah blah…

Well, what can I say being a freshman has its own perks.

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Today, I remind myself that it’s ok to not be perfect


I failed. Of the four years in college, this was the only time that I almost failed all my midterms exam. I lost all my focus on academics. Blame it to the extra-curricular activities I was into.

My friends were right. All those shenanigans brought me to disaster.

But upon reflecting, and asking same questions twice, I realized that I haven’t seen the beauty and the fun part of this tragedy. Although I am not already the consistent John that everyone knew inside the classroom, yet I have proven that I am the John that has the potential to be  a leader. And for that, I should not be depressed nor be sad.

Thank Heavens to all those friends that enlightened me on the way. They told me to take the second chance and do my best. This time I will learn to say “No” and return the focus. I reminded myself that returning doesn’t mean leaving the responsibility behind. It will be like hitting two birds with one stone. 

Today I reminded myself that it’s okay to not be perfect. Because perfection is boring.

It’s Beginning of the End

Separation sucks.



Unbelievable. This is crazy. How come four years felt so fast? Now, only 8 months left until we have to part ways. From 28, we are now down to 14. It’s really sad that some people had to go but its just the way it was needed to be. At least now, I feel like everyone’s happy wherever they are now.

And now, the beginning of the end. It’s kind of scary yet at the same time fulfilling. We had our worst times together, breakups, misunderstandings, but I am glad we made it through cause it is the only way. I do not regret taking this course, even if I was and still are subjected to late night paper works, what make this experience worthwhile are the friends that I made, my mistakes, and the memories shared, the good as well as the bad ones.

To Yanyan, Mori, Jerica, Marcus…

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The Representative meets the President

July 15, 2014. I was just there sitting with my classmate. It was a dry Tuesday afternoon since the university had its Loyalty day in the morning and student hour in the afternoon. Seated there with our empty stomachs (since we are fasting) in that very moment was hard.

And getting out of the CSB office was the University Student Council President Kuya Aldrin Abdurahim. He was with some other guy talking about something. As expected, I thought he was just gonna raise an eyebrow or wave a hand as a greeting. But nah.

The good guy came to me. Raised and held my hand and did a muslim-handshake, and said “Hi John. Musta”. He seated beside me which of course was not expected.

His other volunteers were also seated on the bench. But soon, they all went to the office, leaving kuya and me there. I expected him to just say “hi” and all. But he stayed there for almost an hour.

We talked several things like my transfer from Ateneo to WMSU, PAZ Days, SACSI memories, and of course the incoming election. I also discussed and inquired with him things and issues I have read on the Facebook of other parties (opponents). Listening to his fair answers, arguments, and ideas make me think of how good this man is. How he deserves to be re-elected as WMSU-USC’s President.


John Ahmad.



Kuya Aldrin Abdurahim (left) and I under #JuanWMSU Party.

Johnnny turns 19: Motivation (Day 5)

Day 5. 

What is motivation?

For me, THIS is motivation.

It takes a lot of effort for an aspiring and a practicing writer to write an article, a journal, or even a story. A writer may not be able to always give the best shot and produce a masterpiece, but he will always try to make his work a better one. It may take time. Yes. Hurdles and challenges may come along the way. Like there might be other things that he wants to write. There might be other interest that pops out in his mind. There might be other random thoughts that will make him forget about the promised consistency of writing his daily article (like this one). But the motivation that he has on his mind will allow him to stick on doing that same task: Writing about that article.

On this day, June 5, 2014. I promise to myself to always be motivated in writing. Many writers are blinded by the thoughts of gaining more notes for their blogs, but they are not true writers. They write for fame, for something in return. I promise to myself to never be like that.

Facts about Philippine Flag

There are two kinds of people in the world

 Remember one thing,son. There are only two kinds of people in this world. Good people who do good deeds. And bad people who do bad. That’s the only difference in human beings. There’s no other difference. Understood? What did you understand? Tell me. Tell me.


The above-quoted lines were gotten from a well-known bollywood movie starring Sharukh Khan entitled: My Name is Khan. It followed a story of a man who has an Asperger’s Syndrome who’s about to change people’s perspective on Muslims. Setting aside the religious issue, it tells how one man can prove his love for his family in spite of his condition. 

I did not came here to write reviews or  critics about the movie. The proposition stated is that there are two kinds of people: The Good ones and the Bad ones. This phrase has been over-used in the web world. Go and search over Google and see how this line vary from one statement to the other. Some were even captioned in a meme.

But the point is, in this world of diversity and variety, there really is difference between the species. Biblically, the story of Cain and Abel proves this utterance. We, as people tend to believe that good and bad do exist; that angels and devils do as well, that heaven and hell is real.

I’ve been in the interlude part of my vacation and was watching Smallville. It is a TV adaptation of the story of Superman, which follows a different type of Clark Kent. On the Season 1 Episode 12 entitled Leech, the story tells of how the  antagonist Eric Summers was able to get (or grab) Clark’s super powers after an exposure to Lightning plus the meteorite fragment on a piece of stone. Clark became weak, like a normal guy he wished and prayed he was, and the other turned out to be the man with unnatural powers.

After finding out his abilities, Summers became different. At first, he was the hero, but turned out to be the villain. His family and friends treated him as a freak believing that his abilities were not “normal”. On the other hand, Kent was really happy and enjoying his state of being a normal guy. The meteorite fragment which was turned into a necklace on his crush Lana, does not anymore affect him. He can play basketball, which he did not do since he (and his father) was afraid of hurting somebody, or people might discover his abilities.

While Clark was enjoying the new image, Eric suffers from a catastrophe of being disliked not only by his schoolmates but as well as his own family. In the end, Clark was able to regain his powers by bringing the necklace (that Lana owns) with him and trying to protect Eric from planning something bad. With the help of the voltage coming from a nearby transmission, Clark was able to get back his powers giving Eric’s his, at the same time.


This phenomenon as exemplified by the episode proves that there is a Good person and a Bad person. Good who will do Good, EVEN though he was provided with powers, and Bad who will do bad IF he was given the power. The major turning point to this is the way one sees with himself. Mind over matter adds to the proposition that God created us equal. But with the idea of self-interest (the matter), the mind alters to something detrimental.

As a person, student and a practicing biologist, I believe that people are like Science. Science can be good or bad, this is not undeniable Science is like a knife. If you give that knife to someone who is Good, he can use it for good purpose: cooking, slicing food, chopping meat, and everything. But if you give that knife to someone who is Bad, he might use it the other way around: Killing, damaging other people’s lives, Hold-ups, Kidnaps, etc. Its only a matter of choice that lies here.

WordPress vs Blogspot


Writing is my new-found passion. It became my new hobby after writing some articles over my WordPress blog site account. 


But did I mention that I also have my Blogger account? This is what makes me confuse now. Which among the two is better? The former or the latter? My subconscious can’t decide.


When it comes to blogging, there two primary choices….Blogger or WordPress. It’s true that there are a handful of other blogging platforms, but these are the two most popular. Blogger allows you to create a free blog, one that is hosted on Google’s (the owner of Blogger) servers. It’s the route that many people go when they want to begin. The other option is WordPress, which comes with a free version ( or a paid hosting version (**


Since writing is fun, writing blogs are funner XD (more fun). In doing blogs, to be able to gain more readers and visitors, one needs to design a page and add some sort of things to make it more interesting. But WordPress and Blogger offer different approaches on its designs. The simplicity in WordPress is well-defined compared to the complexity observed in Blogger. The HTML/CSS codes that need a lot of time and sweat makes me despise Blogger a bit. There are still lots of drawbacks on Blogger, honestly.

There were even moments that my confusion between the two reached its heights that I made my posts available on the two sites. Hassle, yes. But I don’t have the choice. It took me a while to evaluate my decision. 

But in the end, I chose WordPress. Although there are lots of cons, simplicity has always been my métier.



Something changed in WMSU, at least.

“School is fun”, they said.

“Not until you see the line during enrollment”.


Education is definitely one of the basic need of the Filipino people. You cannot get your job, unless you study. You won’t be  able to get what you want until you go to school. In fact, it is a must for job employers to require from job seekers  a degree, at least in college to get a job position.

In figures, 23,864,801 of Filipino children are enrolled in the school year 2012-2013: 2,213,973  of these are from kindergarten and 14,523,353 from primary school, while 7,127,475 are from high schools or secondary schools. With these numbers, large numbers, we are not yet sure onto how will our tertiary schools be able to accomodate large numbers of incoming freshmen and old students.

One of the leading institutions in the southern Philippines is WMSU or Western Mindanao State University,  a premier and only state university in Zamboanga City. It is said to be one of if not, the oldest university in Mindanao. In fact, it is one of the most recognized public university in the city.

The notion when it comes to  public school universities, is that a lot of fall backs are found in its system. And one of these is the enrollment process. Over the years, WMSU is consistent to having hundreds of thousands of students coming from different parts of the region and of the country. It boasts of its academe performance as well as its curricular offerings advanced from other institutions. With a number of aspired students,  it is not surprising to have a heck of a system during admission and enrollment days.

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